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Located at the urban base of Utah's Wasatch Mountains, Olympus Mountain Gear LLC utilizes the 15,300 acre Mount Olympus Wilderness area for a world class testing arena to develop our equipment. With the main trail head servicing the wilderness a half mile away, we enjoy immediate access to our testing facility's 5,000' of vertical elevation gain which averages 500 inches of snow each season.

The long approach, significant elevation change and a full range of aspects allows us to test the bindings in a wide variety of snow conditions. Olympus utilizes a collaborative team of telemark skiing engineers to assist in product development, design and engineering. Our passion for safe and efficient travel through the mountains leads us to continually refine the Telemark Tech System® in pursuit of the ultimate touring binding.

TTS engineer Tim Swain doing R&D in the Medusa Colouir on Mt. Olympus, just a short walk from the TTS office.

The main trailhead sits on a low elevation (5,560'), Southwest facing slope. The access road stays on this slope for the first 300' of elevation gain before crossing over to a North facing slope and getting tucked into Neffs Canyon. This often makes for a mud laden ascent to start a tour. Fortunately we see this as a testing opportunity to ensure our bindings can endure exposure to significant amounts of dirt without experiencing excessive wear that could adversely affect binding performance and longevity.

A considerable approach combined with doing multiple laps requires efficient lightweight equipment that speeds travel and keeps the legs fresh. Avalanche terrain predominates the ridgeline, making bindings with the potential to release if caught in a slide highly desirable. On the descent challenging lines and variable snow conditions mandate solid performance. Hence the motivation to develop the TTS Binding as the only telemark binding on the market that offers a combination of light weight and efficient power.

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