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Speed Mobility Control
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Tours Like a Dream...
"At roughly a pound per foot with plenty of turning power there is very little not to like." - Craig Dostie, Earn Your Turns
Weight 2.0 lb. (905g)/Pair

The patented Telemark Tech System®. Lighter, stronger faster. Delivering unparalleled efficiency and downhill performance. The best performing, lightest weight, free pivoting telemark binding available. Completely designed, manufactured and assembled in the US.

"The wave of the future for telemark touring bindings." - Backcountry Magazine



Marcus Engley cranks some smooth turns on Joe's Shoulder in the Cascades.

Instant Engagement
The Telemark Tech System® Instant Engagement
The Telemark Tech System® engages immediately upon lifting the heel off the ski, unlike traditional 75mm bindings which delay engagement until around 15 degrees of heel lift. Instant pressure during a telemark turn facilitates greater control and carving performance while improving skier balance.
"The TTS binding is precise and powerful, with great edging." Earn Your Turns
Typical 75mm Binding Delayed Engagement
Automatic Bellows Compression
The Telemark Tech System® automatically compresses the bellows first when doing a telemark turn. When weighted the ball of the foot remains in contact with the binding until the boot bellows fully compresses. One can continue driving the knee forward, deeper into a telemark turn as the boot sole lifts off the ski. Combined with our widely spaced connecting blocks which also support the boot, the Telemark Tech System® delivers torsional rigidity far superior to traditional 75mm telemark bindings.
"Tele resistance is confirmed to be on par with Axl, Hammerhead and NTN. You'll love this binding...TTS tours like a dream." - Craig Dostie, Earn Your Turns.
Full Range Free Pivot
The Telemark Tech System's full range free pivot allows a skier to kick and glide like no other telemark binding can. The pivot location beneath the toes provides a natural feel that allows you to lengthen your stride and experience a significant increase in climbing speed.
Marcus Engley carves corn on Ranier's Van Trump Glacier
and surfs some Pow in the North Cascades on the TTS binding. Photos by Pete Alderson
Our bindings and accessories are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. If a part fails during this period, contact us for a replacement at no charge. If a part fails after this period, contact us for a replacement at a reasonable charge. Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty.
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