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Manufacturing for our next generation of binding parts has commenced. Starting with a new heel throw specifically contoured to provide a more secure fit and a matching heel riser with a rear lip that secures the heel throw when not engaged to the boot.

New chamfered mounting blocks feature 3 mounting positions so you can choose your preferred level of binding force. We reduced the height for both the mounting blocks and the heel riser.

A second, longer hardwire connecting rod will accommodate larger boots and provide a greater range of adjustability.

Cutting the B-side heel riser
Installing Ejector Pins
Fresh cut B-side heel throw
New heel riser with rear latch down ledge (test color)
A-side heel throw mold
New heel throw designed for a snug fit when engaged to the top of the boot sole (test color)
Three position mounting blocks
Cutting the A-side
Photos and video courtesy of Pete Carney
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